In his usual element, the Chairman African Tourism Board, Cuthbert Ncube has called for emancipation of Africa through cultural identification.

He made the call while delivering his remarks at the first Nigeria’s Cultural Festival 2021 showcase which took place at the Nigeria Consulate General in New York yesterday.

The colourful hybrid event attracted creme de la creme in the diplomatic and cultural world was well attended with dignitaries who delivered speeches that resonated towards cultural and tourism advancement of Nigeria and Africa in general.

Delivering his own powerful speech, the Chairman of African Tourism Board expatiated on the very reasons why Africans must get emancipated through culture which is the major means of identification for the continent in the all engaging and thought provoking speech;

Honourable Consular General of Nigeria in New York.
Your Excellencies.
The ATB Ambassador Chief Joyce Adewumi.
Distinguished Guests

It is with a great acknowledgement as we begin to appreciate and re-appreciate the cultural importance to our national,regional and continental growth. It is very critical now, as experiences suggest that the pathways to Africa’s development are strategically hidden in the cultures and Cultural-political determination and resoluteness of any country and the continent at large.

Dear friends, let’s all agree that cultures hold the key to growth,oneness, integration, identity and ultimately development.
There is a strong interrelationship among cultures, growth,progress,development and to some wider degree continental integration, even to some Diasporans, our brothers and sisters and by the way, many other African nations, may not consciously appreciate this fact, the unprecedented pace and degree of cultural neglect in our nations is unrivalled.

As we appreciate culture as a viable tool for development across the continent, it shouldn’t be underestimated hence the colonisers of Africa made  sure to undermine our culture and created in us a sense of incompleteness and inferiority complexities. It is therefore by appreciating these endeavours, initiatives that will drive us to detachment from Eurocentric methodological behaviour but to a more Pan-African cultural realisation .

We as ATB applaud and appreciate like minded stakeholders to say this is our time as Africans as a continent to re-write our narrative and this must start by identifying who we are and what we stand for,the powers and capabilities God Has vested in us.

In cognisance that the culture of our People is a veritable social capital that could be deployed for growth and development and can be translated to economic and technological capitals.

Culture is a cure-all for growth and development. There is nothing we can achieve or could be achieved except when it is operated within the frame work of our diverse cultures.

We have been so exposed to cultural ideas and values alien to our societies and these have been encouraged or to some degree forced or lured to us in order to internalise such values even when in conflict with our dominant African cultures.

This calls for immediate interrogation of these cultural elements prior to adoption as these elements are eroding the values, culture and growth space in our continent.

We will be sharing with yourself Honourable Consular General for a strategic partnership in our endeavours as we will be hosting the Continental Cultural Carnival Festival 2022 in Eswatini that will bring together more than 25 Member States under one sky roof of the Kingdom of Eswatini showcasing our diversity in culture but oneness in spirit, which by the way Ambassador Joyce Adewumi is part of the Organizing Steering Committee Member, let’s walk together in bringing Africa to be the preferred destination of choice for investment and cultural Tourism.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

One thought on “African Tourism Board Chairman,Cuthbert Ncube Calls for Cultural Emancipation for Africa at the Nigeria’s Cultural Festival 2021”
  1. I am very grateful to see that Africans start to think on writing their own historical attribute and considering the cultural blessings offered to us freely by Almighty God 🙂
    Cheers to my Chairman Mr. Cuthbert.

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