Remarking, in his speech during the world Tourism Day celebrations recently, Hon. Moses Vilakati, the Minister of Tourism and Environment emphasised that the Government has put mechanisms in place to assist investors to be integrated in the friendly mainstream of the economy and on our part at African Tourism Board, we will keep on encouraging both travellers and business investors to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered in the country and elsewhere in Africa, as part of the recovery plan.

No doubt that Hon. Moses Vilakati, has been very instrumental in leading the tourism recovery efforts in the Southern region of Africa, in particularly the kingdom of Eswatini which stands out as a crystal mountain kingdom with so much to explore for a traveler and business tourist.


Away from that I had the experience being a part of the tour led by Ambassador Sandile who has become the brand Ambassador of the mountain kingdom, I have no doubt that Eswatini will attract more tourists to its truly charming destination.

We visited the biggest granite rock formation in the world, the Sebebe rocks in mbabane, the capital city of Eswatini in the region which is 7 kms outside the capital city. It is here where I felt and experienced whistling winding breeze that calms down my inner soul.

A side view of SEBEBE Rock

Personally, I felt like being in Paradise on earth and thought that every African must pay a visit to this great kingdom.

Eswatini’s natural wonders encapsulate global tourists with a lasting memory and arrest their inner most part to the beauty that is unique to the land of the great warriors of Africa which compels them to return and return.

Africa is open for business and tourism is a catalyst to investment and a great driver of the economies, hence our advocate for a more inclusive and well coordinated approach that will make travelling seamless and enjoyable for both domestic and international tourists across.

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