It was one of those moments when the African Tourism Board met with the Compact Yaatal, an organization that represents tourism stake holders in Senegal with a membership strength numbering 934 of value chain, at their head office in the city of Soly, Senegal, which is known as a leading tourism hub in the country.

The President of the Association, Mr. Bolt Geuye held a bilateral discussion with the ATB Team led by the Honourable Ambassador, Mr. Faouzou Deme and the Executive Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube on a collaborative initiatives, which hoped to cementing relationships between the two organizations in promoting tourism and reshaping Senegal within the continental footprint.

Senegal has done so much in curbing the spread of the pandemic hence the country boasts of achieving almost 0% infection that has attracted a great tourists traffic mostly from France, Spain, Germany, UK and partly Asia” , Ncube noted.

On his part, Mr. Geuye emphasised the need for closer collaboration with ATB in order to have a well coordinated continental reshaping, as Senegal is strategically positioned to play a front role in arts,culture and sports tourism over and above the sceneries along their coastal area, a spot that leaves the travellers in love with this beautiful haven called Senegal, that is most sort after by the international travellers.

It may however be of interest to note that a special night of tourism conference will be held on the 10th of December 2021, and it promises to converge tourism Ministers and stake holders from across the West African Region to the enchanting Senegal and this initiative will be graced by the Minister and supported by the ATB.

A greater and wider synergies across the tourism stake holders space will position Africa to a well respected level within the global community and tourism will be the driver to achieve the best torwards the cause of advancing the continent “, Ncube added.

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