Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, the African Tourism Board Chairman has met with Hon. Nkosazana Zuma, the former AU Chairperson on the modalities in the process of implementing the continental drive of rolling out the African Union Passport which aims at accelerating the agenda for a cordinated and seamless travel within Africa.

Hon. Zuma was the pillar behind the formation and implementation of the AU Passport, as she indulged the ATB Chairman on a private discussion during a sideline timeout at the ongoing Intra-African Trade Fair, in Durban.

The key paying points for Africa is to boldly create a single market approach with the rolling out of the AU Passport and continentalizing our movement for economic integration as we activate our economies“, Ncube said.

The Intra-African Trade Fair is a continental initiative being championed by Afrexim Bank to look within and start focusing on domestic economic growth and sustainable tourism development.

Hon. Nkosazana Zuma explaining the modalities to Mr. Cuthbert Ncube during their discussion.

The Chairman expressed ATB’s willingness to work with Member States in mitigating recommendations for the piloting of the AU Passport that will benefit most Member States once implemented .The Passport will realize and seamlessly acccelerate trade within the continent.

The delay in implementation has been created by Member States that decided to hold on due to the those national policies which negative the implementation. This will doubt affect progressive continental agenda that makes it easy to do business and travel with ease within Africa.

I believe time is now to shack the shackles that have enslaved and kept us apart as Africans on our own continent”, Ncube reacted.

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