“Zanzibar Wedding Festival 2021” has opened and the destination is no other than the romantic and enchanting Zanzibar, a semi- autonomous Island within Tanzania where tourism, culture and importantly beauties are prominently rooted as a melting pot of a sort and a converger of everything elegance prevalent in the coastal part of Eastern Africa.

The main Wedding Festival night took place yesterday at Maru Maru Hotel, Zanzibar and the night was full of glamour, pomps and so much activities that resonated around African traditional ways of celebrating the union of a man and a woman as one entity, where all participants proudly adorned their cultural diversities thereby showcasing what Africa ought to be and should also be, that is communalism, living in harmony where all must appreciate one another in the rainbow continent.

Cuthbert Ncube, the Chairman ATB in his traditional attire at the Zanzibar Wedding Festival 2021

The emphasis should be on emulating this grand initiative which purpose is to break the divide that has separated us as a continent and ATB has affirmed that Arts and Culture is a catalyst to brand and tell our lovely stories from our own perspectives by showing to the world who we are in our truest sense, as the AU has also endorsed Arts and Culture to be the medium that should and must unite the continent in achieving the agenda 2063 for one Africa“, said Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman African Tourism Board while making his remarks.

The Fashion Display of Zanzibar Wedding Attires

Ncube also seized the platform to implore an extraction of the global community to lift the travel ban imposed on the entire Southern part of Africa where tourism businesses have been halted when it was about the time to start getting out of the earlier loss that Covid-19 brought in. He berated the hasty imposition of a ban on Africa as an act of insensitive to the plights of Africans despite the challenges especially within the tourism sector.

He however praised the organizer of the event for such a wonderful initiative at the time the world needs to see the continent from a positive perspectives and promised that ATB would continue to support the initiative in the future also continue to be a strategic partner for ideas of such within the continent.

“Zanzibar Wedding Festival 2021”, the second edition is a ten day fully packaged event that aims at showcasing to the world the cultural diversity of Zanzibar and Africa as a whole by incorporating fashion, gastronomy, entertainment, tourism, arts, culture and everything creativity started on the 2nd December and supported by African Tourism Board as the organization drives to encourage synergy and integration of Africa’s creative powerhouse that are prevalent across the continent.

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