A Uganda court has given an order for the immediate release of the main opposition in Uganda, Bobi Wine from house arrest where he has been held for the past few weeks.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, widely know as Bobi Wine has been under house arrest alongside his family since 14 January, when he contested the outcome of the election in which President Yoweri Museveni was declared winner.

Government kept him under house arrest declaring that if he is allowed in the public domain, he might create unrest and incite the public through his utterances and as such he would be escorted by the military whenever he goes out.

The judge opined that Bobi Wine should be properly charged to court instead of being held down in his house, saying if he disturbs public peace , then he should be formally taken into custody.

Almost 50 people were killed during and after the election while opposition candidates and their followers were arrested which many people believed rendered the voting unfair.

From the opposition side, National Unity Party, has been alleged to have won the elections which the incumbent claimed to be untrue. Wine also claimed a ”coup” was stage by Museveni thereby calling on his followers to stage a peaceful protest against the incumbent.

The European Union, United Nations and several right groups have raised concern about the election which the Uganda Electoral Commission refuted.

You will recall that African Union was the only major monitoring group allowed into Uganda by Museveni during the elections which left no room for proper monitoring when the elections took place.

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