The Chairman, African Tourism Board, Cuthbert Ncube has reiterated the need for globally collaboration and well coordinated vaccine dispensing as the best possible path to kick-starting tourism now or post covid-19 era.

He dropped this advise today while making his presentation at the ”Commonwealth Tourism Seminar”, an online event organised by the Commonwealth which aimed at helping tourism stakeholders in their quest for recovery after devastating blow on the sector by the pandemic.

Ncube crafted his submission in this well delivered speech that captured the essence for the convergence.

”The Dep. Secretary General Hon. Prime Minister of Saint Lucia,
It is with pleasure we at African Tourism Board joined this panel of your guests this day in your endeavours through the Commonwealth Secretariat in crafting mechanisms on how best we can forge and navigate our travel sector that has been impacted in reversal through this unprecedented pandemic.

”I agree with the Dep. SG’s opening remarks and the Hon. Prime Minister’ s address that Tourism is an essential pillar in our agenda for sustainable development, the tourism sector plays a pivotal role in accelerating our joint efforts to build a better and more resilient economic growth driven by the tourism sector”.

”We have noted the exclusion of our youth in playing a front and prominent role in contributing and growing the sector, so therefore we need that should enable to wholly integrate our youth and women fully in terms of support structures”.

”Colleagues, Africa holds an undeniable potential and it is very clear that the continent presents a tremendous promise to become or remain a vibrant hosts for investment and tourism at large which is a major drive for employment and economic inclusion”.

”At ATB, these engagements in our diversity as role players within the travel sector should set the pace for all stakeholders to cement, and synchronise as we haven’t seen a well coordinated emphasis in dealing with issues at hand, we have seen an uneven role out of the vaccines and awareness, it is a man for himself approach”.

”Therefore, a well coordinated, global, continental, regional and national efforts to turning around the challenges we face today into great opportunities and to ensure tourism blends not to be just a sector with great potential but a sector that will offer, create jobs, create investment and sustainable livelihood for the continent and Global communities”.

”ATB has identified a number of upcoming projects where we need to partner with the Commonwealth Secretariat in execution in coming together as we reflect on opportunities that will ensure that there is a continental tourism and economic growth”.

The Seminar had in attendance several other global chieftains from the tourism spectrum as well as various Ministers of tourism within the Commonwealth countries who also made several interventions.

At the end of the seminar, it was clear to all participants that for tourism to recover as been planned all hands must be on deck to synergise and be more dedicated more than ever before as it has been established that the pandemic brought out the best in humanity generally than otherwise.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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