Although 2020 was an extraordinary difficult year for humanity and especially in the Tourism Industry around the World, we in Africa have much to contemplate and for which to be grateful. Covid-19 was less severe on our Continent than in many places, we witnessed new African innovation that is giving hope to the world and our African Tourism Board has not only grown by leaps and bonds but each day becomes a greater presence on the world scene.

Yes, we mourn all those who died during this year and we celebrate their lives by seeking to make 2021 the best year yet for the African continent and the ATB Membership 2021.

To ensure that we successfully represent your views and are responsive to your needs. We shall be holding an Annual General Meeting on the 11th January 2021 at 19h30 (CAT). This translates into 18h30 (EAT) 17h30 London, 12h30 in NY.

We are inviting all our chairs, Ambassadors, Patrons, Advisors, and ATB Members to the special AGM.

The ATB’s agenda shall consist of the following items:
1.The ATB Chair’s report to the members and stakeholders as to the state of the ATB.
2. A report from ATB’s Legal Officer.
3.The election of the Committee to select the ATB interim Officers.
4. The announcement of a date in March when the ATB’s charter shall be presented to the Membership for approval.

It is our deep desire that the ATB be responsive to its members’ needs and desires.

It is our hope that the January 11th meeting will provide the transparent leadership that our members seek and deserve. We can only accomplish these goals by all working together. I look forward to seeing and reporting to all of you on January 11, 2021, 19.30 CAT

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