The Board and the entire network of African Tourism Board (ATB) have expressed their love, sympathy and affection to the Government and people of Democratic Republic of Congo following the unexpected eruption of Mount Nyiragongo once again wrecking havoc to the surrounding communities in Goma.

As the city of Goma experiences this yet another devastating catastrophe in the wake of Mt. Nyiragongo spitting her deadly lava towards the city and most residence fleeing with little they can carry leaving their most valuables behind, it has a becomes a great concern and so imperative for us at ATB to express our sympathy at this critical times in the lives of our people in Goma.

Currently, a population of about 2 million citizens are in dire desperation as they are trying to avoid the expected natural disaster by moving away to an unknown destination without any hope or succour coming soon.

It is from this backdrop that the African Tourism Board conveys its heartfelt sympathy to the people of DRC at a time where the eco-system and the entire tourism faces another challenge, but we are can assured of surmounting this as well.

DRC offers the most spectacular tourists attractions including the Nyiragongo Hite Adventure, the Gorilla interactions in the the jungles of the Nyiragongo and Virunga National Park. We stand and pray for the safety of the citizens and other rare species within the epicenter .

The last time Mount Nyiragongo erupted was in 2002 killing more than a hundred people and covering almost all the Eastern part of Goma with lava that covered half of the Airport’s landing strip, it was the weak and the elderly abandoned or left behind that bore the brunt the most.

Our special appreciation to the Government of Rwanda for opening up its borders for a seamless movement across for safety of lives and properties.

Let us all be in prayers for our people in Goma and it environs. It is our believe that as human beings little can we do in the matters of natural disaster especially of this magnitude but our unison in confronting and praying will bring about the needed succour to the affected people.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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