Having ensured that critical issues affecting Africa remains paramount on its agenda, the African Tourism Showcase- a platform dedicated to promotion of everything tourism within the continent has the honour of inviting as the Guests of Honour Honourable Alain St.Ange and Dr. Taleb Rifai to the fourth Series of African Tourism Show.

The agenda for discussion will centre around Anti-Poaching which has ben one of the major challenges bedevilling Africa’s wildlife.

The fourth series will be an online webinar and it comes up on the 23rd May 2021, from 1200hrs UK time. It will be on Zoom as well as Facebook Live.

“This is Series-4 of the African efforts by Africa to protect and save the unique assets of Africa”, said a release.

Hon. St. Ange is the President of African Tourism Board, the former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine and also Dr. Taleb Rifai, the former UNWTO Secretary-General and the current Patron of the African Tourism Board will be joined by Mr. Curthbert Ncube, the Executive chairman, African Tourism Board and host of numerous experts from all around the world as they discuss about finding a lasting solution to the ugly trend of poaching in Africa.

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