Alain St.Ange, the former Seychelles Tourism Minister has been included in a Coffee Table Book of global icons of travel & tourism.

The African Tourism President said he was honored to have been included in the COFFEE TABLE BOOK – GLOBAL ICONS OF TRAVEL & TOURISM that has been launched today by the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association.

In an email message sent to Mr St.Ange, Mr. Sagar Ahluwalia, the Secretary General of the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association confirmed that St. Ange has been able to be part of history as a COFFEE TABLE BOOK- GLOBAL ICONS OF TRAVEL & TOURISM was launched today and that they had included his profile and photograph in the book.

Reacting to the news, St. Ange expressed his delight at the honour for his work and contributions towards tourism development in the world to be recognised among fifty other tourism stalwarts especially being from Seychelles Island.

“I am indeed honoured to be recognised for my work in the field of tourism and to have been listed alongside fifty tourism leaders from across the world. It is good for Seychelles to see one of its own to be recognised especially as our islands depend on tourism for its economy” said Alain St.Ange.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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