Hon. Alain ST. Ange, President African Tourism and former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation , Ports and Marine, Seychelles has called for a bigger reflection of global existence and the value attached as the world Celebrates United Nations Day 2021 tommorrow.

“As the world Celebrates the United Nations Day which is celebrated every 24th of October, it presents a great opportunity for us all to reflect on why the organisation was created but also to analyse on the need to work together for the betterment of our own lives, of our countries’ survival and the world’s security.

As we appreciate that it is after World War II that the world realized the necessity of keeping countries away from any type of war when the United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945 in order to prevent such devastating future wars.

This 24th October which is tommorrow must bring us to understand the value of a happy, peaceful, safe, and better world especially now as Africa and the Community of Nations battle the effects of an aggressive attack on our lives by the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Africa needs all its sons and daughters to be together as one today more than ever before, if we are to come out stronger than before after this pandemic. Let us all commit ourselves to redress our tourism industry for the benefit of our people and of our respective countries”, St. Ange said.

He however wished the UN a happy birthday and also reassured that the African Tourism Board will use the UN Day, this 24th October 2021, to reaffirm its commitment to work for tourism in each and every country within the continent .

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