The African Tourism Board has again awarded the prestigious Continental Tourism Awards to the Honourable Clair Akamanzi, the CEO of the Rwanda Development Board and the Chairman of the Rwanda Tourism Chamber, Mr. Emable Rutagarama who have both championed and captained the tourism sector to a recovery path in Rwanda as ATB deems it necessary to donate his always celebrate the milestone achievement in the tourism sector that has the potential to not only drive economic growth but to catalyze inclusive economic developement and social reconstruction in Africa.

Addressing the audience at a gala dinner which was well attended by Ministers of Tourism, Ambassadors, Chairpersons of the various Tourism Boards, captains of various industries and more than 3000 tourism participants who converged during the Rwanda Tourism Week in Kigali, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman African Tourism Board seized the apple time and space to sensitise Africans on the need to leverage on tourism in order to bring about unity of purpose and neglect the sychophancy tendencies being perpetrated by the international community especially in the case of Covid-19 pandemic.

As most African nations wake up to the devastating reality of being isolated by western countries as an affirmation that the global community don’t have the best interest torwards the continent and don’t give the slitest dam, what Africa needs is to really take a deep look and totally unite her resolves and build up their legacy and recovery mechanisms within and amongst themselves using tourism as a catalyst sector in uniting our efforts“, said Ncube.

Deputy CEO, Zephanie Niyonkuru Representing Hon. Clare Akamanzi, CEO Rwanda Development Board with Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman African Tourism Board at the Rwanda Tourism Week’s Gala Dinner in Kigali

There was excitement as tourism leaders recieved their accolades in appreciation of their roles torwards the recovery of the sector including the best exhibition participants.

We are in a sector that must improve trade and developement within the regions, within African countries and contribute our vision as the African Tourism Board for an integrated progressive Africa. We are experiencing a gradual bounce back taking shape in most member States and Rwanda has done extremely well in shaping the destiny of the tourism recovery. We believe this as a starting journey to economic recovery after the devastating impact of the pandemic. By the way, Africa was not impacted much as opposed to the other continents of the world, but we are experiencing isolation from the global community. Africa has survived the worst and this too shall surely pass“, Ncube further submitted.

Tourism is a catalyst to bring Africa together the unity of purpose and we need to go back and claim what needs to be transformational and restorational to the true spirit of the African Tourism”, Ncube advised.

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