In his quest at ensuring that African Tourism Board gets greater recognition across the continent, the Chairman of the association Curthbert Ncube undertook a risky adventure to far away Ivory Coast but in particular San Pedro, South West Ivory Coast where he was well received and also honoured with a Sonship title, personal landed property and also for African Tourism Board to develop future housing and tourism projects.

“Its a natural limit, and all this, starting from here and up there is yours. The Chief summons me to tell you that the community says to you from the next visit is for implementation of housing projects. Housing is the issue,and a big challenge in Ivory Coast, so its for you to make a housing projects and tourism activities so may God bless the projects of our son,Joe” Said Dr. Diamana, the representative of the Chiefs and community in San Pedro.

Responding, the ATB chairman, Curthert Ncube expressed his delight at the gesture and assured the Chiefs of the organisation’s acceptance and willingness to utilise the space for tourism purpose.

”As African Tourism Board, we just want to accept this precious gift from our elders, our custodians, for ATB to come and utilise this space within the tourism framework . We are so lucky because this a prime area and a prime region. We have the biggest stadium being built of which constructions is half way and we are looking at most probably next CAF game would be played in this same stadium, so there is a lot of opportunities and a lot of development are going to take place. So on behalf of the African Tourism Board, I really appreciate and accept this precious gift which I will then present to our executives and we will then make some arrangement so the whole team would come and really be blessed and see what our elders have presented to us. We are saying as African Tourism Board, we need to break all the barriers that separate us as nations, as individuals because we are one same family. So this token of appreciation towards our organisation cements what we are have been advocating saying one Africa, one nation, and citizens. We really appreciate and we are really looking forward to come and soon as possible so that we can start to make some inroads and plans on how to move forward from here. Thank you we really appreciate”.

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