The Chairman of African Tourism Board, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube has made a passionate plea to African leaders with respect to the victims of the genocide to look inwards and proffer a lasting solutions to the new Omicron pandemic and other challenges bedevelling Africa.

He echoed this clarion call while on a tour of the Kigali Genocide Museum , a memorial centre dedicated to the victims of genocide that lasted for hundred days where several Rwandans lost their lives.

At ATB we are appalled by the inequalities displayed by the International community, the arrogance and the persistence at bullying Africa, we therefore call for unity and a well coordinated, synchronized and firm stand to all member States in Africa by creating Africa’s own mechanisms as a drive to self sustenance and self dependence. It is with utter disdain and unbelieve that the global community has reacted irrationally and irresponsibly by acting in an unacceptable attitude in isolating African member States merely acting on unproven scientific facts that Africa has become the originator of the omicron covid variant“, Ncube reacted.

ATB Chairman further chided an attempt by a fraction of the global community at reversing the achievements by Africans in their recovery drives in the recent times.

This has been driven by a political ploy to reverse the gains that Africa has made so far in her tourism recovery mechanisms post Covid-19 where most member States have now experienced a gradual recovery growth and that has created a discomfort among some entities within global community“.

Ncube also frowned at the inequalities associated with the unwholesome distribution of the vaccines rollout where Africa countries were neglected.

In the tourism sector, we have seen an unequal distribution of the vaccines rollout where Africa was left to fend for herself. Till date, tourism has seen a positive come back in most member States in Africa with the adoption of necessary health protocols, but unity of purpose will surely drive Africa to its glory only when African leaders shack up and disconnect the dependency attitude from a slavery mentality that has so long enslaved Africa’s economic growth. Citizens of Africa deserve the best and that can only be achieved through a united front by African Leaders”, Ncube further reacted.

Tourism has always been impacted negatively during all phases of the pandemic, as the continent experiences a gradual return of the MICE and Conferencing sectors that are needed to beef up a well coordinated continental drive in protecting and promoting Africa’s tourism economies then emerged another malignant Covid-19 variant called Omicron purported to emanate from Africa but without any empirical evidence but a conspiracy clouded in the usual conventional wisdom.

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