An ever warm welcome was offered to the Chairman of ATB Mr. Cuthbert Ncube as he touched down yesterday while embarking on a visit to one of the historical and tourists’ destination cities in Ivory Coast -San Pedro.

San Pedro is located in the South West region of Ivory Coast,bordering Liberia and also being the second harbor city of the country, known as the leading cocoa export harbor of the world.

Coupled with both its economics and socio-cultural dynamics, the region, enjoys a good reputation as a preferred tourists’ destination in the country that is the reason why the host team ATB Ambassador Joseph GRAH and Dr. Diamana ensured that ATB Chairman Ncube did not fail to visit this traditional and culturally viable region of Ivory Coast by planning a two-day visit to the city so as to enable him discover physically the outstanding beauty of the landscape, nature, and the entire beauty of the region that is still under explored tourism wise.

Landing in San Pedro airport, the Chairman was granted a warm welcome by the Regional Director of Minsitry of Tourism including local media and a group of traditional chiefs and notables backed by a local cultural and folkloric women group singing and praising the courage, resilience and passion of Ncube and most especially his love for Africa, which drives him tirelessly all across the continent and rest of the world.

During a short media briefing Mr. Ncube was given the opportunity to express the purpose of his visit which has to do with rebrand and re-writing the history of San Pedro and the region at large.

Subsequently, a visit was carried out in the suburb area of the city, enabling Mr. Ncube to perceive the high yield potentials of tourism sector of the region so as to pull potential investors.

While awaiting the second day of the visit which will be marked by a huge cultural ceremony in the honor of the ATB Chairman, it worths noting that locals are placing huge hope ATB’s capacities to restore and elevate the dignity of africans and merge them as one people and one nation through tourism.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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