The ATB has welcome the move by UK to Rescind the illegal travel ban on African nations following a general outcry, and reciprocitory attempts from Africa.

The southern african nations were slammed with travel ban in November after local Scientists detected the new omicron variant and shared the information with the global community, an action that should have been well appreciated and even commended caused a disaster for South Africa and the entire region with an imposition of travel ban.

The move was widely condemned by African nations and friends of Africa across the world especially in the tourism industry and medical sector.

It is saddening to know that the ban has caused immense damage and major setbacks as flights and accommodation bookings got cancelled en masse through this unwarranted bullying attitude, setting up a bleak festive season period for the industry that had suffered immensely from the pandemic for the past two years”, Cuthbert Ncube ATB Chairman said.

ATB believes that now is the time for the Continent to re-align our strategy for a more African inclusive and well coordinated approach in relooking within for a sustainable tourism recovery and economic growth.

Let us endeavor to remain resolute and be positive about the remainder of the year that it will be fruitful as we continue our strive to reposition tourism business for a greater output in 2022. Ncube added.

You will recall that Canada, Israel, and few other countries imposed similar bans on some countries in Africa, a decision that should be rescinded as well in order for business of tourism to truly pick up in 2022.

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