Joining the rest of the world to celebrate the World Tourism Day 2021,Honourable Philda Nani Kereng, the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Bostwana, has indicated her country’s willingness to welcome global tourists to the country that is poised to drive the sector through inclusiveness, technology and co-operation within a value chain.

She gave the assurance during her speech while celebrating the World Tourism Day, yesterday in Gaborone.

”It is my distinct honor, on this unique occasion, to be sharing with you our country’s commitment to an inclusive tourism economic recovery and growth ambition which embraces the youth, women, indigenous and minority groups among others as the focus of our economic empowerment and emancipation plan. My ministry, through legislation and policies, commits to facilitating equal opportunity for all Batswana to take part in this favorable tourism value chains”, she said.

Hon. Kereng also disclosed that her ministry has started deploring technology to assist in her job, which would help to connect every part of the country to the mainstream, which would be achieved through what she termed (TOLIS).

”Bagaetsho, in keeping with the pace of the fourth Industrial Revolution, my Ministry has launched the Botswana Live Virtual Tour Platform and Tourism Licensing and information System. These two systems signify Botswana embracing the digital technology era, by providing information technology-based solutions to promoting our country’s tourism endowment from the furthest communities to the cities, as well as ensuring the ease of doing business from the remotest corner of our country, hence eliminating disparity between urban and rural based businesses. This technology advanced approach to exposing our diversified tourism product is a deliberate strategy of recovery and growth. As we entice the world, positioning our tourism brand on the global space, we shall not only pitch our breathtaking flora and fauna, but also market our diverse cultures, food, music and folklore, and heritages found in our settlements. By so doing, we will be offering exactly what the tourist of today yearns to experience, that is, the way of life of the communities around the tourism sites. This will extend our tourism offering to our tourist and provide reasons for extending their visit”.

The minister also highlighted some pro-active steps being taken in the tourism ecosystem of Bostwana which are all geared towards the people and communities.

”Therefore Academic and Research Institutions, Communities, Entrepreneurs, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to take up the opportunities derived from these policies in advancing inclusivity in implementing these policies. To promote collective efficiencies and increase product and destination competitiveness, Government commits to facilitating formation of Sector Clusters of private tourism investors”.

She lastly requested for a strong co-operation among the stakeholders in the country in order to actualise all the noble objectives.

”Today , I can proudly announce that my Ministry is engaged in a robust drive to identify and connect Botswana with strategic regional and international partnerships to ensure that Botswana and Batswana are not left behind as the world rides the train of ‘Inclusive Tourism Growth”, she submitted.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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