Being a dry arid country Botswana is embarking on massive water projects meant to address its situation.

The projects are meant to carry water from Northern Botswana where all major dams are located to southern Botswana where some of the major towns and the capital of Gaborone is located.

The newly completed 100KM Masama Pipeline will draw water from Masama Wells to Water Treatment Plant in the South complementing a North South Carrier pipeline of 360 Kilometers built in 2000 & 2012 to carry water from Dams in the North & additional pipeline from the Zambezi will add 520 KM to the existing pipeline.

Additional 8 water distribution & treatment projects are open in Southern Botswana & additional Waste Water Projects ongoing in some towns & Major Villages totalling 3 Billion Pula.

Botswana also has plans with Namibia to desalinate water from the Atlantic Ocean and drawn by pipes inland & another proposed project with South Africa to draw water from Lesotho Highlands to North West Province of South Africa and then Kgalagadi region of Botswana.

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