The Executive Chairman of African Tourism Board, Mr. Curthbert Ncube has Emphasised the urgent need for Intra African Trade and Global Alliance for Tourism Advancement.

“Let us see a robust approach to Intra-Africa Trade, we need to see a more cohesive and well coordinated approach that will fast track our economic inclussion”.

He said this recently while in audience with His Excellency, Ambassador Moosa in the State of Qatar where His Excellency, Ambassador Kona from Cote D’ivoire and the First Secretary Marie-Emmanuelle from Cote D’ivoire were also present at the launch of the Business Leisure food wine Tourism.

“Tourism is inextricably linked to People’s lives and happiness.For the leisure industry to thrive it must centre the lives of the very People that are expected to travel within our Region and within our Continent”. He reiterated.

Ncube also emphasised the need for incorporating wine tourism into the existing market and ensuring people within the communities are adequately involved.

“This will mean that certain socio-economic cushions needs to be put in place to accommodate every segment of our Communities. The launch of the Non-alcaholic wine Tourism especially spear headed by our young women, this investment model cements the accessibility for a better quality health for all. The quest for a more inclusive engagement towards sobriality in our society has to be implemented and appreciated and supported by all Stake holders within the Travel sector value chain.Thus appreciation will gain so much from segmenting the market to include previously ignored leisure categories such as Non-alcoholic wines”.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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