Not yielding to the current reality on Covid-19 pandemic, an association , Consortium Touristes Par Million in Benin has converged at their executive level to discuss the best possible ways to boost and revive tourism in the country.

This was part of the agenda at a meeting held on Friday, at Benin Royal Hotel, Cotonou, the nation’s economic capital where Kalo Africa Media and Africa Tourism Board were also invited.

The President of the association, Mr. Dine Bouraima explained that their convergence was partly to discuss the best possible ways to boost and bring back tourism activities within the country and their conclusion was to organise a big event in September to create more awareness about their tourism potentials.

“Today in our meeting, we discussed about the best ways to revive tourism in Benin and we decided that by September we are going to organize a big event to showcase our which will definitely boost our country’s tourism”

He further informed KALO AFRICA NEWS about one of the reasons they created CTM was to receive more tourists from especially Nigeria which is very close by.

“Our target is also to work on possibilities to receive more tourists from Nigeria because there is no reason why Nigerians will pass through Benin and go to Ghana without staying here. Here we have everything so Nigerians as well as other tourists from all over the world should visit Benin” he added.

Mrs. Olanma Ojukwu, Co-founder Gotavoyage Travel Agency and a strong member of CTM further expatiated on the activities of the association which according to her comprised of many sectors within the tourism space. She also talked about the tourism hospitality awaiting would be tourists to the country.

”We have five sectors under one umbrella, we have the aviation, the hoteliers, tour operators, tour guides and travel agencies. We all come together and today we met to discuss on how to revive tourism in Benin. I am sure you can see Benin is fast becoming that tourist destination in Africa because our President has started engaging in building roads and everything is being transformed”.


It is interesting to note that the association has expressed its willingness to join the prestigious African Tourism Board, an organsiation that works with Africa tourism boards to reposition tourism in African.

CTM is optimistic that joining ATB will create a bigger collaboration on further ways to boost and revive tourism in the country and create more awareness across Africa and beyond.

Benin Republic is a francophone country with a lot of tourism potentials in West Africa, sharing borders with Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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