The Chairman African Tourism Board Cuthbert Ncube gave words of advise as ATB Ambassador departs to their various members States from Masailand Safari and Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania today.

“Colleagues, it was by God’s design that we were brought together from our respective Member States. The task ahead of us is so enormous as we drive for an inclusive approach in re-shaping the destiny of our tourism economies,if there was a time we need a well co-ordinated and Synchronized approach it is now.
Africa can not afford to remain divided,we need to be more united in our resolve in rebranding our destinies proudly and claim our space within the Global community.
We need to desist from eurocentric dependency syndrome, we have so much to offer our domestic, regional, continental market and be able to share with the Global community.
The EAC Tourism Expo is a reflection on how unity in purpose can drive us to a successful African drive and tourism is the only vehicle torwards a unified objective that will yield and bring a sustainable tourism growth.
Aluta Tanzania Aluta Arusha” .

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