Having achieved a huge success at the East African Regional Tourism Expo 2021 in Arusha, Tanzanian, a thought of accomplishment might have clouded ATB Chairman, Cuthbert Ncube’s reasoning to return home and relish on that, but that thought was jetissoned, instead he opted for another call to duty.

Enroute Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania, the indefatigable Ncube landed in the capital of Africa, Ethiopia, to be precise in Addis Ababa where he had been scheduled to be one of the guest speakers at Africa Celebrates 2021.

An itinerary was graciously presented by another pro-active and delectable ATB Ambassador Hiwotie Anberbir who has always been very instrumental to the successes recorded in the progression of ATB in Ethiopia.

From visiting Ethiopia Airlines’ headquarters for a mutual and strategic partnership to Oromia Tourism Commission and also meeting with a representative of African Union where great understanding were reached.

With a very tight schedule, Cuthbert managed to meet so many individuals, institutions and corporate entities preaching ATB gospel to them in his friendly, humorous, humane and charming mannerism.

The African Fashion reception at Skylight Hotel also opened a new window of opportunities for Ncube to wine, dine and network with the global icons that graced the occasion.

Mr. Cuthbert Ncube with the Otunba Segun Runsewe, Director General of National Council fo Arts and Culture, Nigeria

A pleasant exchage of pleasantary was had between Cuthbert and the Director General of National Council for Arts and Culture, Nigeria, the iconic Otunba Segun Runsewe who received him with open arms and an understanding of mutual discussion which was initiated that night.

Mr. Cuthbert Ncube ATB Chairman with Juju Bob Marley

Son of legendary Bob Marley was in the house and Cuthbert wouldn’t miss the opportunity to spread the gospel to Juju Bob Marley who also expressed his appreciation and readiness to partner with ATB.

Dr. Melinda Harris Barrow of the 6th Chambers of Commerce from Panama and USA was extremely excited to meet the tireless Cuthbert where both discussed great initiatives that would bring about another global connection for ATB.

Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, ATB Chairman with Dr. Melinda Harris Barrow from Panama and USA

Above all, Cuthbert met great personalities, captains of industry, executives, entertainers, fashion gurus and host of others preaching ATB and mapping out how best to consolidate on most of the engagements.

With all these and many more, it gives an array of hope that African Tourism Board will go a long way and will continue to be the light of hope in Africa’s tourism developmental agenda.

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