He ggave the words at the recently held South East Tourism Stakeholders Forum in Abia state today.

Technology is changing the tourism market, increasing reach, changing the characteristics of tourism jobs and the way destinations are promoted while also demanding new skills from the tourism entrepreneur. Businesses that rely on physical contact alone will not function optimally in our modern-day society.

At the NTDC, we strongly believe that to become a tourism hub in Africa, we need to develop domestic tourism first. The development of domestic tourism will increase the country’s attraction to sponsors and investors. They will in turn develop the industry, develop our tourism assets, leading to further infrastructural development that will let loose the huge potentials of the sector.

The South-East Stakeholders Forum is the third in its series, and i assure you that, we #NTDC will do our best to ensure similar meetings are held across the rest of the country to ensure continuity of this great initiative and that, the resolutions agreed at these meetings will be given due consideration.


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