Mouhamed Faouzou Deme,Tourism Expert and Technical Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Air Transport, Senegal has advised the Politicians in charge of tourism to activate domestic tourism in the country as tourism business returns gradually .

He gave the advise today in Dakar,the Senegalese capital while addressing communication professionals, destination promoters, travel agencies and travel journalists from tourism world who were in Senegal to inspect, prospect, test run and get on the spot assessment in order der to have a greater understanding on ​​the actual return of tourism in the country.

“Post-Covid tourism is gradually returning to Senegal and everything will settle down permanently as time goes on. It is however important to remind politicians that domestic tourism must accompany this recovery and it is necessary to give priority to the trio of tourism, culture and crafts” . Deme advised.

He further expressed his enthusiasm at the return of tourists to the country describing it as “a revelation of hope and of an imminent restart of tourism.”

Deme, also an African Tourism Board Ambassador further laid emphasis on the urgent need to create a full blown offices that will be entirely focus on tourism, culture and crafts with relevant individuals within the sector to be at the helm of affairs.

“The interaction between the tourism, culture and crafts is not limited to the sense of transversality but of the understanding, dependency and coherence which are expected from sectoral policies and in the implementation of action plans. There is no longer any need to demonstrate the importance of these three sectors, even if they are isolated from each other. This calls for us to hava a sense of organisation management and sharing of the uniqueness of actions through the economic poles where an office of the tourism, culture and crafts cluster would be set up with people from the field and knowledge to lead the tourism, culture and crafts in the ecosystem of the value chain.

You will recall that in the wake of the emergence of Covid-19 Pandemic, Senegal went on a compulsory shut down of all tourism activities which majorly relies on foreign market but now looking at encouraging domestic tourism which seems to be the best possible ways to promote tourism among the locals.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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