GAACI COTONOU 2021

GRASSROOTS AFRICA AWARDS AND CONFERENCE  INTERNATIONAL (GAACI) is a two-day event, which focuses on recognising individuals, governments,organisations and corporate  entities that are supporting the grassroots communities with one initiative or another in Africa and beyond.

Following the successful editions, Accra 2019,Lagos 2020, the awards and conference’s third edition has now moved to Cotonou in 2021 and it promises to be bigger,better,fulfilling,rewarding and a never to be forgotten event.


Development of African communities without doubt hinges on the real grassroots individuals with great hearts. 

The narratives have always been same everywhere on the continent, hence the need to have as much as possible platforms where Champions of the grassroots developmental agenda are not just recognized but also awarded. This will definitely spur such individuals to do more and also encourage others for further development which their communities and the continent need at all time. 


 There will be a gathering of like minds on the African community development agenda, converging on a particular city for deliberation through a great synergy for a holistic developmental approach for humanity ,but more importantly African communities in particular.  Speakers after speakers will make laudable presentations about giant strides being taken to develop the continent’s grassroots communities. There will be panels of discussants that will give the audience a better understanding of what it takes to be helping African communities.      


 The awards aim at recognizing great characters within African communities whom we call Champions  of grassroots. There will be different categories of awards which will be contested, voted and keenly selected before the awards are given out.  Please note that the award is free and strictly based on merit. However we would appreciate any kind of support to keep the good work goin


As it is well known, “no man is an island”  we are open for  sponsorship from corporate,government  and individual entities who are willing to be a part of the great steps at recognising good work at the grassroots communities. Kindly get in touch with us and let us know what we can do together.


Definitely, your products, services and business will be showcased extensively at the event thereby having value for money.


We are open to more media outfits joining us on this project. Please get in touch to give the expected publicity to the event.


We are of the utmost believe that being a part of this will create a great synergy for the continent to keep on taking developmental steps at creating an enabling environment for the people  at the grassroots level who have no one to aid them except spirited minds like you. Awarding  you a plaque is not just the major thing but, you doing the great work continuously and leaving the communities in a far better state should be the ultimate goals of all