In what seems to be a special way of unveil uniforms, Green Africa Airways took a creative but attractive way to introduce what it termed ”gCrew uniform” to the public via “The Runway”

Having invited members of the public, partners and stakeholders to register for the uniform unveiling via the dedicated platform, the event started and ended in a grand style.

An anchor introduced himself and the purpose of the whole unveiling which was followed by speakers including the founder,members of staff and investors who took turn to expressed how passionate Green Africa Airways is to hit the aviation market and start conveying Nigerians and Africans to the world.

Then came the ”The Runway” which saw beautiful looking cabin crew members and pilots donned the much anticipated ”gCrew uniform” which has been describe as “bold and African in nature”. Both male and female appearances were extremely captivating, attractive and engaging.

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”Our gCrew uniform is a judicious blend of African style with Green Africa elements and a contemporary global feel. Made from natural fabrics which makes our uniform not only environmentally friendly but also keeps our crew comfortable as natural fabrics are more ‘breathable’. The colours of the uniform which are our brand colours are inspired by the vast & varied African landscape with the basic cuts inspired by the Nigerian prints popularly Ankara”. Wrote Oyinade Osobajo, Senior Manager- Marketing, Digital & Communications.

Osobajo further emphasised the importance of colour green on the crew and the entire brand.”Green is just not a colour to us, it is a concept, it signifies vibrancy, growth and sustainability which is what our brand and uniforms represent. For us, the comfort of the crew while wearing the uniform is paramount because happy crew means happy customers”. 

Green Airways is expected to launch its inaugural flights in the first quarter of 2021 according to the management, while all hands are on deck to ensure a great entry into the aviation sector especially at this odd time when the travel sector is passing through the most difficult period in the recent time due to covid-19 pandemic.

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