House of D’Licacy, a home of South African made non-alcoholic wine brands made by a variety of wine cultivars, has the pleasure of announcing the launch of its applauded new brand.

The Minister of Tourism, Ms. Mmamoloko Kubayi- Ngubane will deliver the keynote address at the historic launch which will be hosted at the Raddison blue Hotel in Cape Town on the 20th of May, 2021.

Also the prestigious Black Tie/Elegant traditional event will be attended by esteemed WC Premier, Minister of Western Cape, City of Cape Town mayor, Ambassadors, first Daughters, CEOs, and professionals, amongst
other dignitaries.

House of D’licacy is a home to a new global normal of SA made non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and gins. It hopes to unveil the eagerly anticipated non –alcoholic products focused on quality, innovation and elegance with a complex taste profile that both women and men, young and old can relate to and enjoy.

However, culinary traditions infuse non-alcoholic wines and gins with food, creating an environment where families and health-conscious consumers will enjoy fine dining together in style and with a distinct twist.

The wines and gins can go with any style of cuisine and are flexible- meaning they can be consumed unblended, mixed or even paired to enhance the flavour.

House of D’Licacy is currently housing over fifteen exclusive brands and anticipating growth as it continues to engage and partner with more wineries.

The brands can be purchased on online through a dedicated and secured platform, also at our Tasting Room / Shop in Krugersdorp, through distributors in the country, at the food retail shops, as a menu feature in high-end restaurants and hotels.

These products stand to serve a growing African population of more discerning drinkers seeking alcohol-free beverages that still provide the flavour and social experience of alcoholic beverages. House of D’licacy aims to become a global leader that houses SA’s Non-alcoholic wines brand.

Ms. Dimakatso Malwela, Founder of House of D’licacy had this to say-

“It’s about time to bridge the gap in the wine industry especially considering Business & Leisure Tourism and Hospitality. I am delighted to have founded such an inclusive brand in the wine sector. I have had too many experiences where I found myself toasting with a tumbler juice or rather pour water in the wine glass during a celebration while others are enjoying the rituals of real wine. When I became conscious of my situation and that I am not the only one, I wondered in my mind if there couldn’t be a non-alcoholic wine product. I am happy that the question has transformed to reality. Consumers can now comfortably enjoy drinking without a limit and not risking neither their lives, nor those of the society around them. We anticipate expanded trading of House of D’Licacy brands throughout the continent and beyond our borders as already indicated by interests and enquiries”.

She stressed further-

“This is no coincidence, particularly in South Africa where a bill is lobbied for 0% alcohol beverages.Business owners, buyers, investors, celebrities, influencers, monarchies, government officials and opinion leaders will be amongst the celebrated guests. We are anticipating the attendance of the Minister of Trade and Industry to deliver the keynote address during the Leadership Roundtable on Day 2, 21st of May under the theme “Unlocking Trade Opportunities among African Member States. Delegates will have a pleasure to experience the beauty of the Cape, wineland tours, Robben Island and an exotic sunset champagne cruise”.

House of D’Licacy Enterprise Development in partnership with Women of Value Southern Africa through its ESD incubator program will also implement a Non-alcoholic wine transformation programme for women and youth in the industry. The programme will involve many other key stakeholders.

Natasha Kawulesar, head of client relations of an insurance company is quoted saying-

“the result of fewer people drinking and driving should result in reduced accidents and as a result reduced claims which will allow not only for cheaper insurance premiums, but also a safer South Africa”.

By Kazeem Balogun

Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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