Saturday, 28th February 2021, at the 4th edition of Global Black History Honours Award and 2nd edition, Georgia Africa Connection Week 2021, which took place in the United States of America, it was announced that media and tourism personality, Mr. Kazeem Balogun, CEO/Managing Director Kalo Africa Media has won the Black History Honours Award in the category of OUR VISIONS AND FILMS following his nomination by Mrs. Torio James, CEO Royal Orchid Enterprises, LLC,GA, having seen his positive activities and contents of KALO LIVE TV especially DISSECTING AFRICA and GLOBAL DESTINATION SHOWS.

”2021 winner, Global Black History Honours for our vision and films is Kazeem Balogun with Kalo live TV. Let’s give Kazeem a round of applauds as the awardee for our vision and films 2021”. Said Davisha L. Johnson, Organizer of the awards.

Kazeem balogun has been advocating for African progress through his various platforms which he uses to promote, advance, market and build Africa. He conceived ”Kalo Africa”, a concept that intends bringing people of the Diaspora to Africa meaning ”come to Africa”. He is currently the CEO of Kalo Africa Media, a company that uses tourism, arts, culture and the related to project the continent.

He is also the Regional Brand Ambassador for World Tourism business- a global organisation with its headquarters in South Africa that sees to the business aspect of tourism.

Due to his love for tourism and the related, he has been a strong member of World Tourism Network headquarters in Hawaii USA through which he contributes immensely to global tourism issue.

Kalo as fondly called has won several awards in tourism and travel sector. he has been nominated in various award globally including The International Ecotouirism Society, Nigeria Travel Awards among others.

Commenting on the award having nominated him, Torio James believes that it would encourage Kazeem to do much more for the Africans in the diasporas by giving out more information about the continent.

”Congratulations to you! I hope that this award is the motivation for you to continue to provide us with the necessary information involving our brothers and sisters in Africa.”

She further appreciated Kazeem for giving positive stories about the continent when the main stream media only talk about the negative sides. ”When other networks ignore Africa’s accomplishments, you provide us with the much needed knowledge!,we thank you”.

Reacting to the award, Kazeem has this to say ”All the way from United States of America, I won an award at the 4th edition of GLOBAL BLACK HISTORY HONORS AND 2ND VIRTUAL GEORGIA AFRICA CONNECTION WEEK 2021 FOR OUR VISIONS AND FILMS AWARD CATEGORY.”

”This came as a big surprise to me because I never saw it coming. My appreciation goes to my Creator, the one that makes all things possible. Also to Torio James for the nomination. You made this happen. I’m highly honoured and remain humble but truly I am extremely grateful and passionately appreciative to Torio and the organizers.”

”This is a good way to wrap up the Black History Month. Proudly African. E se pupo, Daalu, Nagode.#KALOLIVETV#DISSECTINGAFRICA SHOW, #GLOBALDESTINATION. keep watching Kalo Live TV.”

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