It was a fully jam-packed hall at the Grand Theater, Dakar, where thousands from all walks of life converged to witness the most awaited Miss Senegal 2021 winners.

It was one of the rare event that has a touch of elegance, aesthetics, class and convened by the beauty quintessential, Ambassador Amina Badiane, a lady that radiates with both brain and beauty.

She is the brain behind this annual event that has attracted not only the west African block but the continent at large, where 14 participants representing 14 member States paraded proudly showcasing their pride, intelligence and natural beauties, a gift from mother nature to African daughters.

In his remarks, the ATB Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube said, “I want to applaud the beauty pageants for standing tall proudly as Africans in displaying their natural beauty and let me inform each one of you that you are all winners in the race, you only need to let one person take the captainship for 2021, and no one is a looser, but all are winners, playing the game in a well coordinated synergy“, Ncube advised.

Some of the beauty pageants at the Miss Senegal beauty Pageant 2021 in Dakar, Senegal

ATB for the first time has come up to support this great initiative by partnering with the organizers of Miss Senegal 2021 that has brought Dakar to a stand still as crowds echoed from the streets in celebrating the prestigious event.

ATB was privileged to accord the Minister of Tourism and Air Transport, Senegal, Hon. Alioune Sarr and his counterpart, Minister of Tourism and Culture, The Gambia, Hon. Hamat Bah.

Both ministers have demonstrated the will and drive to activate the tourism sector within a short space of time and both countries are enjoying almost 85% recovery in tourists’ traffic and are standing at 0% percent on covid infections which is a remarkable progress and a demonstration of good leadership.

On the other hand, Ambassador Faouzou Deme recieved the accord for his outstanding visionary drive in championing the tourism agenda behind the boarders bSenegal and flying the ATB flag and vision of reshaping and branding the continent as the most sort after destination of choice for investment and leisure travel while Ambassador Amina Badiane accepted her affirmation certificate as a Brand Ambassador of ATB, as the Chairman acknowledged the two champions in Senegal who have demonstrated unity of action in their drive to make Senegal a jewel of the West African Block.

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