Visiting the palace of His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Ogunwusi Adeyeye Babatunde Eniitan, Ojaja II, Abdulganiy Sahid Olaide Ezra, a Muslim Cleric and lawyer was astonished at the tolerance, calmness,understanding and acceptance displayed by Ooni from what people are being fed with on social media. excerpt

Yesterday, at the House of Oodua, the cradle of Yoruba, it was a warm reception in a tete-a-tete inner conversation with ‘Arole Oodua’ His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Eniitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja fidi ote janle.

The visit was in company of the Chairman, PCRC, Osun State who doubles as Field Commandant, Amotekun Corps in Osun State, Jagunmolu Amitolu Shittu .Jagunmolu Shittu, being a psychologist noticed that I maintained my lane all through the conversation, sensing that my calmness was impregnated with a lot of meanings insisted that I must talk and take a photograph with kabiyesi, pronto!, I accepted the offer.

However, I want to put this on record that the pictures of the incident I observed at the inner chamber of our revered Ooni Ogunwusi is totally different from most of what we’ve being fed with in the media especially social media. Ooni is very calm, gentle looking, hospitable , soft spoken, humble, tolerant and understanding despite the authority and the position he holds.


In the beginning, I refused to remove my face mask for the reason best known to me and I believed such should be respected for me and when Jagunmolu Shittu introduced me as Alfa, Kabiyesi instantly granted me such celestial and spiritual honour that should be accorded to a religious man.

When someone among the ‘Ilaris’, those palace guards you social media journalists branded before for us as ‘abobakus’ said that I should remove my face mask for identification, His imperial Majesty calmly and quickly objected that he should allow me to be since that is the principle I decided to observe. And when Jagunmolu officially introduced me I greeted His Imperial Majesty in line with my religious belief without harassment or insult from any ‘gbaranmi deleru’ meddlesome interloper. That alone compelled me to change the erroneous belief about lies that we’ve been fed in media that has made religious people like me to distance ourselves from the palace.

An Arab parable says: ليس الخبر كالمعينة Laesal’ ahabaru kalmuayanat’ narration is not like witnessing the events. Iroyin koto afojuba. I therefore pray that may Allah grant and increase our baba, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Eniitan Ogunwusi Ojaja, His abundance guidance, sound health, useful wisdom, abundance knowledge, peaceful reign, abundance wealth, prosperity and long life to reign and serve His creator and Yoruba race with all his best. Aamiin. Kabiesi ooo.

source: Ezra

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