The Oromia Tourism Commission, a tourism agency dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of Oromia indegenous people in Ethiopia has received the Chairman African Tourism Board and his team, Amb. Hiwotie Anberbir, the facilitator and Amb. Kazeem Balogun to her office for a mutual strategic alliance which aims at creating a synergy to drive African tourism to a pedestal.

Arriving the state – of – the – arts office, Mrs. Lelise Duga Jabessa, the Commissioner’s dedicated members of staff received the ATB team with an open arm thereby quickly ushering them to her splendor and urban styles office where she warmly welcomed them with all sense of coutesies.

Swinging into discussions, Mrs. Jabessa gave a brief background information about OTC which is in its formative year but has achived so much in terms of actualising its some of its mandates.

“Our mandates are marketing and promotion, digitalisation. Also we are looking at destination marketing and products development through which we hope to create 500, 000 jobs. Our population is 40 million, but we want to ensure also that our tourism becomes one of the key pillars of the economy.

We are also looking into establishing a tourism fund /Resources mobilisation. I’m more of an analyst with a quick assessment. We are proposing some pivotal bills to our regional legislature and we are hoping they scale through. Also regional intergration is one of our goals as well, she said.

Also in attendance, the Deputy Commissioner Oromia Tourism Commission, Mr. Abiyu Tesema Dumesso who was also delighted at the visit expantiated on the urgent need for African to own what belongs to her by not allowing external influences to over ride her decisions especially in regards to the role of leadership by questioning the rationale behind some decisions within the continent. He delved on asking germane questions that would awake Africans.

“How are we really giving life to the legacies of our fore bearers?. How do we customise being Africans? and what are the values of being Africans?. It’s important to change our misconceptions about Africa as a people of africa. He said.

Mr. Cuthbert Ncube also called for a unified Africa and Africans that can approach issues collectively rather than as individuals thereby creating a synergy that can sustain the continent.

“If there was anytime for us as African to rally round and support ourselves and our sector, the time is now. We have ourselves to achive all our noble objects. Look, tourism is the only vehicle that can bring organizations together inorder to achieving a common goal. Ncube advised.

An understanding is already in the process to creating a partnership between the two entities which they hope would bring about the formation of an African tourism formidable team through which Oromia region and the entire continent would be better served.

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