In the process of ensuring Rivers State, South South Nigeria remains a creative cum premium tourism destination in Nigeria with a solid mind set for economic advancement, the state tourism development agency {RSTDA} has rolled out its plans of action for 2021:

‘Rivers-state’ Year of Arts Culture Creative Economy for Sustainable Society Celebrating the Colours of our Rich and Progressive Diversities to grow a Sustainable Tourism Economy in Rivers State has always been the strategic vehicle of growth that drove the operations of the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA) in the year 2020.

The Agency embraced a forced perspective, driven by strategic incentives of the Fourth Industrial Age Tool Kits to rethink, reposition and E-NNovate beyond physical tourism infrastructures, collaborating competitively to deploy Digital Culture and Heritage Assets to re-engineer a Tourism Economy beyond the ‘New Normal’ of pandemic ridden economies.

Rivers ArtCCESS 2021:

Is a Smart Sustainable Culture and Creative Economy Driven Tourism Marketplace framework that harmonizes 260 Heritage Commodities to drive Domestic Tourism for wealth creation and employment generation across the 23 Local Government Areas of Rivers State.

Rivers ArtCCESS is anchored on Strategic Global Arts, Culture, Creativity and Innovation Impact Policies that seek to shape humanity, drive diversity through Cultural Integration and Social Inclusive Growth for sustainable development; the African Union Year of Arts Culture and heritage 2021 and the United Nations International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.Rivers ArtCCESS Marketplace▪ AccessibilityAccesses 260 Creative Arts Culture and Heritage Tourism Assets in the 23 LGAs▪ Bankability Monetizes 260 Tourism Commodities Across 2.3M Tribe Riverians to Boost IGR▪ Connectivity2.3M Smart Mobile Domestic Tourism Citizens in Rivers State▪ Diversity 26 Ethnic Groups with Distinct Cultural and Heritage Commodities▪ Economy Drives Creative, Culture, Travel, Green and Blue Economies▪ Festivity Activates 260 Heritage Tourism Marketplace Festivals▪ Gender EqualityEmpowers Over 26,000 Women in Creative and Culture Economy▪ Industry Engages Creative Arts Culture Tourism and Heritage Entrepreneurs of Rivers State▪ Job Creation260,000 Culture and Creative Economy Jobs Rivers ArtCCESS Point Activates Rivers Youths in Arts Culture and Creative Enterprise Boosts E-ducation-E-nnovation in the Domestic Tourism Marketplace Creates Culture Impact Hubs to Connect Youth’s Tourism Development Opportunities Develops and Deploys Decent Jobs in Sustainable Tourism Value Chain Finances Creative Entrepreneurs and Culture Impact Innovations for A Future Beyond Oil, Empowers Women in Culture and Creative Enterprise to Drive Gender Quality Grows Green Economy Footprints for Sustainable Tourism and National Productivity Harmonizes Rivers Culture and Heritage Tourism Assets Socio-Economic Recovery Programs Invests In Digital Economy to Drive the Fourth Industrial Age Tools for Soft Tourism Market place Jump starts Job Creation Programs Through Blended-Multisector Market-Driven Solutions.

Rivers ArtCCESS Festival Commodities• Fashion Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Food Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Tech Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Dance Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Culture Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Film Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Music Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Theatre Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Art Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Craft Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Green Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Blue Tourism ArtCCESS Festival• Gospel Tourism ArtCCESS FestivalRiver ArtCCESS 2021ProgramSustainability, Opportunity, Creativity, DiversityRivers ArtCCESS 2021 programs are smart mobile-Omni-channel Heritage, Creative Arts and Culture Tourism Festivals that connect over 2.6M people across 26 ethnic groups in River State to celebrate 260 Cultural Commodities to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals through diversity driven opportunities for Wealth Creation, Employment Generation and A Green Economy Beyond Oil.

1. RACH Fest: Rivers Arts, Culture and Heritage Festival Theme: Leveraging the Arts, Culture and Heritage Assets to Build the Rivers We Want Rivers Arts, Culture and Heritage Festival is curated to jumpstart the Rivers Year of Arts, Culture, Tourism and Heritage 2021 to celebrate the African Union Year of Arts, Culture and Heritage 2021 featuring 260 Heritage Commodities across the 26 ethnic groups of the state

2. RCESS Fest | Rivers creativity economy for Sustainability Society festivalTheme: Connecting Creative Economy to Accelerate the Sustainable Development GoalsThe Rivers Creativity for Sustainability Festival is designed to activate the UN Year of Creativity for Sustainability 2021, connecting over 260,000 Creatives across 26 ethnic groups to celebrate Creativity and Innovation for Social Impact Development across Rivers State

3. Rivers Gender ArtCCESS Festival theme: Let Her Create the Future She Wants Celebrating SDG 5, the first Gender ArtCCESS Festival in Africa is structured to empower Rivers women of the Arts, Culture and Creative Economy to drive a sustainable society and promote Gender Equality, Equity and Entrepreneurship across the 23 Local Government Areas of Rivers State

4. Tribe Riverian Festival: Lingual Heritage FestivalTheme: Creating Opportunities Through Cultural Integration The Tribe Riverian Festival is the first mobile celebration of Tribes and Languages of Rivers State to deepen diversity, ethnic integration and cultural innovation for socio-economic development.• 26 Weeks • 26 Ethnic Groups• 26 Tribe-Street Festivals• 26 Culture Hubs

5. RiVDUBex: Rivers–Dubai Expo Festival Theme: Color Me Rivers State The River-Dubai Expo Festival is a Rivers Heritage Marketplace Festival featuring the 260 Cultural Colours of the state in partnership with the DCTM to celebrate the Global Cultural Integration Expo as Dubai hosts the World Expo in October 2021.

6. PACC ExpoTheme: Accelerating Africa Diversity Dividends Through the Creative Economy The Pan-Africa Culture and Creative Economy Expo is a Socio-Culture Impact Festival in partnership with the Pan-African Centre for Empowerment; an African–American Cultural Innovation Investment organization to celebrate the Culture and Creative Artisans of African Descent in over 100 countries. RSTDA has the exclusive right to host the largest gathering of Pan-African Creatives in the world

7. TouRivarian Marketplace Summit Theme: Rivers Tourism Means Business The TouRivarian Marketplace Summit is a 5 day BIGG-STEP Tourism Investment Marketplace convention curated to empower the Organized Private Sector to deploy Revenue Based Finance Mechanism Investments to mobilize progressive and profitable Tourism Finance Partnership for the development of the 260 Culture and Heritage Tourism Assets of Rivers Beyond Oil.

Gov. Nyesom Wike with DG RSTDA Yibo Koko and other top government officials

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