Revealed Word University celebrated yet another milestone by signing partnerships with Campus and School Safety Training Institute (CASSTI), Makwa IT Technologies (Pty) Ltd, Polarprojects,Women of Value Africa and Ephrata University.

This virtual event was held via zoom under the
theme “Let’s Unite for Moving Mountains and Make Africa Home of Hope” on May 27, 2021.

The celebration centred around socio-economic transformation of Africa for social and economic development opportunities. The virtual event was attended by the new partners of Revealed Word University with Campus and School Safety Training Institute (CASSTI), Makwa IT Technologies (Pty)
Ltd, Polarprojects, Women of Value Africa and Ephrata University.

In attendance were also the university’s partners the African Tourism Board represented by Mr Cuthbert Ncube, the university council members, senior leaders like Vice Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Vice Chancellor and other top officials.

In her welcoming remarks the Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Veronique Kahindo welcomed this opportunity between Revealed Word University and the new partners.

“We are very happy on this special occasion to celebrate partnerships for the social and economic transformation of Africa especially in the field of education”.

The Vice Chancellor further emphasised on how great is this opportunity of signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Revealed Word university and its partners not only to the university but also to the Africa in general.

“Partnerships as we know are absolutely necessary indeed as we all know since the dawn of the time humanity has been known to be a place of social relations, this is why humans are understood to b highly social animals as it is easy for them to carry out their actions in common partnership”.

The Vice Chancellor was also the first speaker centred her discussion on the heart God has for Africa stating that the heart of God would walk with us and share with us for the benefit of an emerging Africa.

“The Lord can feed all of us Revealed Word University and our partners a hundred-fold from a partnership that could radically enhance Africa in everything. Therefore, we have made the right decision to be gathered here today to celebrate the loving heart of God who would walk with us and share with us. Even today with him everything is for the benefit of our emerging African society through the signing of this partnerships with our different partners”.

The second speaker Mr Morris Kusotera Executive Director of Polarproject Ltd (UK) presented on the opportunities for restoring health in Africa.

“We need to create dialogues within our African politics so that young people can be given opportunities to look at solutions from within not from an external source. We need to start changing the narrative of African politics and society”.

The third speaker Prof Dr. Jean Baptiste Habonimana, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Strategic Planning in RWU, discussed on African leadership awareness for fair trade and free trade opportunities. He emphasised on the importance of having a clear, fair, and
free trade.

“Fair and free trade is really key if you want to progress and achieve prosperity in Africa because Africa is a continent which is very very rich in terms of mineral resources, in terms of human resources in terms of know how the capacities. There are re many opportunities if we want to
develop and progress very well, we have to have a clear, fair and free trade.”

He further emphasized on the need for Africa to unite as key in developing the continent.

“African countries have the great potential of growth which means if we synergize, we unite, we develop a win-win approach of partnership we shall reach far together, alone we can go fast but together we can go far that’s the reason why Africans have to be united”

Dr. Patrice Habinshuti, Director of Academics, Quality Assurance and Research, as the fourth speaker looked at kingdom business ways for boosting Africa economy in this generation. He states that the
mission of business is to transform people and nations.

“One true way to build Africa’s future in Africa’s economy and you can say the mission of all this is to transform people and nations is through business. Business is the only way that we can create jobs,
that we can live a decent life and that we can make society better”.

Additionally, Dr. Patrice mentions that through a kingdom business can we transform the economy of Africa.

“Kingdom business transforms society and what is transforming society, we want to boost Africa’s economy for this generation and generation to come. The main thing is to transform society and the transformed society is one that honours God, where people operate by Godly principles. Kingdom business its for profit business but that exists there to really like put Christ in contact with everyone who come to your business and you finally transform people in nations”.

Mr Stephen Ngobeni, Managing Directory of Campus and School Safety Training discussed Africa safety for social and economic development. He looked at the importance of improving the lives of Africans especially the youth.

“Capacity building to create safe learning spaces for institutes, for institutes of higher learning. Secondly target mainly youth like is the case in the rest of the continent we have a problem of youth that graduate into unemployment, thus there is a need that every graduate they graduate into either a business or into a viable job opportunity that can make then reach their true potential”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Makwa IT Technologies Mr Lethano Mokone spoke on the issue of being made in Africa IT for socioeconomic development.

“Our purpose is simply to drive a new era of technology transformation, an era that will create meaningful jobs and make positive impact in the people”.

The next speaker Mr Joseph Dogrou Grah founder of University Ephrata spoke on the role of educational institutions for social and economic and reconciliation in Africa.

“Educational institution is responsible for the systematic transformation for knowledge in terms of you know intellectual knowledge, in terms of skills and cultural value within the living society. They are important in shaping out attitudes and preparing us to behave in a certain manner and in defined situation. Educational institution socializes us into useful members of society you know it merged us into useful entities, useful individuals for the promotion of our society. They transmit our cultural values to the next generation during the process of teaching. They imply way of living of our ancestors you know it implies that the way of living of our ancestors are transferred to the new generation. Educational institutions also create the social organization in the society by customs and sentiment of the people, they develop homogeneity by developing general laws of social life in different social groups are organized together by cooperation on common principle found in educational institutions”.

The CEO of Revealed Word University Mr Celestin Ngirabakunzi spoke on empowering unveiled Africa potentials for next generation, emphasizing on the need for interconnectivity and unity in developing Africa as continent.

“In Africa we have many opportunities, and we have to be basing on those so what we may quickly develop as other continents. Africa has human resources, has natural resources, has a climate and we have natural seasons, and this really have many items to help us develop and to not wait for others to show us what to do and how to do, we are rich so what we need is interconnectivity through this partnership and catalyze our political leaders so that they may have the will of letting Africa unite politically. But as several societies, non-government organizations and business companies we must show our will by being in these different projects and facilitate this interconnectivity so that our political leaders may see where we really aiming and allow us to really get free of those boundaries within our countries”.

The Executive Chairman of African Tourism Board Mr Cuthbert Ncube looked at upholding the voice of Africa for intercontinental partnership.

“We want to see a robust engagement; we need to see a cohabitation in terms of investments, in terms of education so that we really bring our beautiful continent forth. It is my duty it is my responsibility; it is your duty it is your responsibility to be faithful stewards and good ambassadors to our destinations”.

Mr Jean Pierre Ntuyimana the Administrative Assistant in Revealed Word University spoke on the readiness of financial institutions for boosting Africa economy.

“Financial institutions are ready to boost Africa’s economy but who is ready to grab this opportunity among these flagships, we also have contribution to the development of an efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa and addressing the financial gap at the earliest and riskiest stages of enterprise
creation, while also developing and strengthening skills and expertise of young entrepreneurs”.

The final speaker Ms Kuyanga Ângela Martha Diamantino , the Southern Africa Director for Women of Value Africa concluded by speaking on the Africa social economic tanks and incubation for next generation. She emphasized on the need for cooperation and knowledge sharing in building

“Engage youth for their development, this development cannot be done if we are not engaged with other organizations, we believe that each organization actions complete other organization. We need each one to serve others, we are here each one on a speciality that we have on what we do know to do better, we need to interact with other organization so that we can share what we have and what we know and, we can complete what we don’t have and what we don’t with other organizations, and this must be done at all levels”.

She further emphasized on the need for investment on youth.

“We need to do investment, investment on youth in different ways, investment for their training, for their guidance and orientation as well investment for opportunities for them in the country. We need also together with all government systems to create conditions that when youth are trained, they have proper condition to work in their countries”.

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