The Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meeting has been rescheduled to June this year in Rwanda following the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic which has rendered the whole world non-functioning to the maximum.

Dr. Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rwanda said the hosting of the event will be determined by the situations that surround covid-19 pandemic level of penetration in the country in accordance with World Health Organisation’s forecast and directive but expressed the willingness of Rwanda to hosting the rare event.

“As we continue to strengthen our capabilities, be reassured that we will host you in a safe environment in respect of all World Health Organisation recommendations,” he said.

In the latest edition of Commonwealth Voices Magazine, Dr. Vincent expressed an unreserved assurance of Rwanda welcoming fellow commonwealth nations to Kigali and assured them of a safe environment.

He highlighted Rwanda’s national COVID-19 response saying it has been focused on multi-sectoral collaboration and built upon regional and international responses. He analysed concerted efforts his country has put up in collaboration with international organisations at tackling the spread of the pandemic in Rwanda.

“Delivering a common future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming” is the theme for this year and the event will come up on the 25th-26th in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda while other related activities have also been planned alongside CHOG’s main events which promise to be a special one after 2018 edition which was held 2018 in London.

“It is indeed time to put our words into action by making our governance models more inclusive, making our health systems more resilient, and ensuring our economies and trade attain sustainable growth,” Bitura said further.

Part of this year’s agenda will be hinged on issue of social protection system, climate acton and leveraging on technology.

It may be of interest to know that Rwanda is not a direct member of commonwealth but joined in 2009 after serving as observing nation for a long time.

The CHOGM needs no introduction but its suffice to note that its a group of fifty five nations that got their independence from British but still converge every four years with the Queen of England and other heads of governments from various participating countries for a common goals.

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