Senegalese/American star, Akon has launched yet another business enterprise on the African continent this time far away from West Africa.

The mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo changed as he Akon signed a deal to finance a copper and cobalt mine in the central African country in a joint venture with a state mining company.

White Waterfall LLC owned by Akon and registered in the United States delved into another venture which sees him as one of the major investors on the continent.

Akon — whose birth name is Aliuane Thiam, is both the President and the CEO of the company as published on the ministry website

You will recall that Akon has been in the news lately talking about his interest love for DRC which gave many insight into what may happen is being seen currently.

As part of the deal, White Waterfall would pay a $2 million signing bonus, and finance a feasibility study of the Kimono reserve in Haut Katanga province of DRC an understanding and deal was reach on the 14th December,2020.

His company representatives have not revealed much international media about on the project, and also his other personal charity work within the continent.

A whopping $6 billion iconic Akon City in his native country Senegal and a cryptocurrency called Akoin are the most important big project he has Akon has been involved in within Africa

The official website, White Waterfall is a private equity fund that invests in mining companies and are not publicly traded.

DRC is Africa’s top producer of copper and the world’s leading miner of cobalt but the country has experienced low development over the years.

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