The celebrated young girl, Sharon Ringo, the newly appointed Tourism Ambassador for East African Region Community and African Tourism Board Brand Ambassador will officially make her first press conference and also launch her first tourism documentary today.

The event is slated for Golden Tulip, Zanzibar from 10:00 am local time where she will be accompanied by at least fifty local tourist children from Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar while some few adults will also join.

We really appreciate the support and involvement of our own local children in this event. They will become very good influencers for many other kids, parents and guardians in the future. Local tourism is a way to go. We need to show, tell, instill and influence our own people on local tourism. Local tourism will sparkle fires also for foreign tourists. Let us work together to help our countries and our people. There‚Äôs a lot to learn, gain and tell in tourism. Thank you so much“,said Ringo Mowo, the spokes person for Sharon Ringo.

You will recall that at the last East African Regional Tourism Expo 2021 in Arusha, Tanzania, Sharon was appointed the New Tourism Ambassador to the admiration of dignitaries present.

She has been working tirelessly on some progressive projects one of which is the tourism documentary which was done in Zanzibar and will be presented to the public today.

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