At least 26 artifacts that were stolen from Benin Republic by French colonial forces in 1892 are currently on their last public display in Paris for a last public glance of the art objects.

Any moment from now, all these rare works of arts will make their ways back to their source in Benin Republic, West Africa, where they were carted away by the invaders of the land centuries back.

President Macron presided over a special ceremony at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris recently where the Minister of Tourism, Culture Arts in Benin, Mr Jean- Michel Abimbola has been over seeing the processes that would lead to the return of the stolen treasures of the ancient people of the current day Benin.

The artifacts will be put on display for six days before their return.

Commenting on the return of the artefacts, Mr. Dine Bouraima, a Beninise business man and President Consortium Touristes Par Millions Au Benin CTM who has also been playing a pivotal role at ensuring the objects are returned, expressed his pleasure at the decision.

I am very happy that our President Mr. Patrice Talon insisted on the return of the artefacts and this came to reality. It shows that our President is interested in our future. This has been our dream to have all our stolen properties returned to us because they belong to our land and we must keep them here for our future generations to have the understanding of the past generations. So it is a great decision which I applaud”. Bouraima said.

It is expected that when the artefacts are returned the world will see the beauty of them being displayed in Benin Republic and the citizens too will appreciate their past generations of possing great creativity as far back as then.

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