As greener solutions become the future for the automobile industry, a local start-up in Ghana is providing the platform for female engineers in a sector dominated by men. The automobile manufacturing industry has for years been dominated by men. A team of young female engineers is poised to change the narrative. Solartaxi Ghana is a local start-up helping women contribute to finding greener solutions. The start-up seeks to promote the use of electric vehicles across the country. And these women are at the forefront of driving that ambition.

Catherine Ama Wilson and Belinda Akaba are taking Ghana’s automobile industry by storm. With nine others, they are finding greener solutions in a field traditionally dominated by men. Solartaxi Ghana builds solar and electric automobiles from scratch.

”I am the type of person who is always on the move to do something new. After hearing that we have a company making electric vehicles, I said, why not come here and try my talent to see whether I can build myself in other areas”, Mary Kudaya, a mechanical engineer at Solartaxi Ghana told our Ghanaian correspondent, Peter Quao Adattor.

For some of these workers, their motivation is to contibute to the Ghana’s automobile industry. For others, it’s reinforcing the old saying what ‘men can do, women can do better’, and they also hope to inspire other women to follow their dreams.

That as Ghana’s government has signed protocols to improve gender equality.

”Moving forward, I also want to stand on my own, have my firm that I will employ a lot of ladies into the engineering field”, Belinda Akaba, an electrical engineer said.

George Appiah is Co-founder at Solartaxi Ghana. He tells our Ignatius Annor that: ‘’We have engaged with the consumer power unit of the electricity company of Ghana, on the possibility of charging all our units across the country. But we as a local assembling company that assembles these electric vehicles here, being the bikes, the tricycles, and also we are moving towards the cars, we don’t have that support yet. Our biggest challenge has to do with the taxes that we pay. That is not something we are getting support for.’’

source: africanews

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