The much anticipated Zanzibar Wedding Festival 2021 has unveiled its logo to the general public as part of activities towards the real event slated for December 2021 in the Islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The unveilling ceremony was part of Press Conference which took place at Serena Hotel, Shangani, Zanzibar recently.

The Special Guest of Honour , the Minister of Tourism and Heritage Hon. Madam Leila Mohammed Mussa officially launched the event and unveiled Zanzibar Wedding Festival’s new logo .

The Zanzibar Wedding Festival aims to celebrate Zanzibari Culture linked to ancient and modern history, its beauty and the love of the people that adorn these beautiful islands, and its fascinating nature”, Says the press release.

The Logo Unveilling Press Conference at Serena Hotel, Zanzibar

The culture and style of life in Zanzibar has a strong influence that includes the Zanzibaris culture of a mixture of African, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese (international), which was introduced to these islands many centuries ago through trade.

Festival Objectives

• Educate and promote the development of clothing and decoration of Zanzibari culture, with a focus on international professionalism and craftsmanship.

• Cultural preservation – in the work, traditions and customs of the Zanzibari and the making of its monuments.

• Promoting the Zanzibar tourism industry to become a hub for international wedding activities.

• Introduce Zanzibar to the International Tourism Sector.

• Provide opportunities for old and new entrepreneurs and companies to increase their income and the nation as a whole.

• Perform unique weddings that will be remembered forever and loved.

• Creating a common platform for wedding planners to make wedding activities easier to access.

The mission of HAMASA is to facilitate, promote talent and give them employment and recognition opportunities especially youth and women so that they can achieve their goals easily, through the various social activities that Hamas always organizes, including the ZANZIBAR WEDDING FESTIVAL”, the press release added.

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