So far, we have evolved and involved KALO AFRICA BRAND in different businesses, partnership, consultancy projects and other special events covering the activities within Africa and beyond exploring our core areas of expertise such as Communications, Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Tourism and Culture, Hospitality, Arts, Television and Radio Productions,  Film Documentaries, Awards and Recognitions, Community Advocacy, Musical Video Productions, Events Management, Artist Management , MICE among others.

Kalo Africa News tells positive stories about Africa with the  real  narratives to realism prevalent within the continent using Arts, Tourism, Culture, and other creative means   to disseminate qualitative, fact-checked  information with empirical evidences to  our global audience

Several Events happen without notice. We  are poised at showcasing these wonderful events on our platform for your viewing pleasure thereby encouraging more positive engagement from our memorable times within African communities and beyond

At Kalo Africa getaway, having explored a great number of African destinations, we display packages of these top-notch African destinations for you to choose from and we take you on that wonderful journey you have always dream of. From Cairo to Cape Town, Kigali to Kano. Just let us indulge you.

The diversity in African Cultures  presents the totality of the visual realities from the continent of Africa. Masquerades, Art works, foods, architectures,  attires,  dances and so much more. Kalo Africa promotes, markets and disseminates the cultural heritage of Africa to the global communities.

Without doubt, Africa is well endowed.The manifest and latent talents and treasures of the continent can’t be known without film
and Events of different kinds.

Kazeem   Balogun